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Here are some articles and sites we found helpful in thinking about these issues. Let us know if there are others we should share.


"Museum Collections and Sustainability," Nick Merriman, 2006. Available for download here

    "A Values Portfolio Workbook" (VPW). Developed by Maine Archives and Museums, this IMLS funded workbook asks museums to rank their assets (collections and otherwise) in relation to their relevance. We can't find a copy of it online anywhere, so if you've got permission to share it, please do so.

    "Making Collections Effective," Museums Association (UK), 2007. Available for download here.

    "Do History Museums Still Need Objects?," Rainey Tisdale, AASLH History News, Summer 2011. 

    "A New Day for Local History: No Longer an Island," Lisa A. Anderson, Jody A. Crago, and Peter H. Welsh, AASLH History News, Autumn 2011. This article describes the efforts of several historical organizations in Arizona to develop a longterm regional collaboration, including joint collections planning. 

    "Too Much of a Good Thing: Lessons from Deaccessioning at National Trust Historic Sites," Terri Anderson, in Museums and the Disposals Debate, Peter Davies, ed., Museums Etc., 2011.